How to Buy a Genuine Hermes Birkin Handbag

Hermes Birkin handbags (or purses) are a popular hand built purse that is made by Hermes fashion house. It has a crisp appearance and straight stitching lines. Hermes Birkin handbags are named after an English actress called Jane Mallory Birkin. Each Hermes Birkin handbag take about 2 days to complete.

The color of the genuine Birkin purse looks brighter while the color of the fake Birkin hand bag is dull and darker. Fake Birkin handbag has a dirty appearance. The inside of a genuine handbag is clean while the inside of a fake handbag is dirty.

The stitching of the fake Birkin purse are crooked and untidy. The sizes of the stitches are irregular and uneven. If you find that the Hermes Birkin handbag has unprofessional stitches, it is best that you avoid it.

The genuine Hermes Birkin handbag shows a clean and uniform stamp. The stamp on the handbag should read “HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE”. Many replica handbags shows the exact words in the tag but the words are printed irregularly.

The metal locker of the purse will have an engraving that reads “HERMES PARIS”. The engraving on the genuine handbag is thin and refined whereas the engraving on the fake handbag is deeper. The letters of the engraving on the fake handbag tend to be wider part.

In a genuine Birkin purse, the cutout of the inside strap is neat. If you look carefully at the inside strap of a fake Hermes Birkin purse, you will notice that the cutout is rough and messy.

It is important that you buy a designer purse from an authorized seller. If the seller is not authorized, there is a high possibility that the designer handbags he is selling are fake. To avoid getting cheated, you should visit an established handbag store.

The Hermes Birkin Bag

Hermes is perhaps the most legendary French brand in fashion. The history of this particular house began in 1880 in Paris. Hermes is a brand that is well known to anyone with an eye for labels, and even the more fashionably apathetic people of the world will have most likely heard the name at least once or twice.

Hermes Birkin handbags are hand-built by highly experienced craftsmen, one of the primary factors that contributes to the high price of all Hermes handbags. The production of each bag can take up to 48 hours of work, which translates into weeks of labor. Birkin bags are especially hard to come by, which is why even those people who want to purchase a new one are put onto wait lists. There is at least a two year waiting list for someone to get their pretty little hands on one of these handbags. Several used Birkin bags are sold for their retail price and even higher, due to the fact they are so hard to find.

Hermes bags in general have prices that range from approximately $6,000 to over $100,000, depending upon the materials used. Exotic animal skins, such as saltwater crocodile, increase the price significantly, as do any embellishments on the hardware (for example, a crocodile Birkin with roughly 10 carats of diamonds sold at an auction for $120,000). Hermes Birkin bags that are put on auction can often reach unimaginable prices. In one instance, one rare model of a Hermes Birkin bag has been sold at an auction for about $65,000.

Hermes Birkin bags are a highly sought after status symbol, even with celebrities like Victoria Beckham, who has a collection of them. The Birkin bags from Hermes are available in many different colors, such as pink, tone blue, orange, white, and black.

Hermes has always been all about the excellence and luxury of its products. As stated before, Hermes handbags will take weeks to be manufactured, and the final product is truly something no woman can take her eyes off. The high price of Hermes handbags are largely due to the fine materials that are used, such as crocodile, ostrich, lizard and calf. Birkin handbags are also made of top quality leather, which helps to impart it with a classic touch. The bag is named after the famous British actor and singer Jane Birkin, which is also one of the main reasons behind the success of this brand.

Hermes Birkin bags are possibly one of the few items existing in the fashion industry that has no depreciating value. The price of these bags can actually sell for more than its original value, depending upon the rarity of the bag model. As a result, buying one of these bags is more than a fashion statement; it is also an investment since it can increase in value over the years to come.