Handbag Heaven

If you’re anything like the girls on Sex and the City, you probably have a handbag suitable for every outfit. Even if you’re not Carrie Bradshaw, most women do own a variety of purses for the changing seasons of the year, and changing trends. Chances are, purses are stored in closets, in dresser drawers, and even underneath beds. And many of these handbags probably have seen the light of day in years. eBay is the perfect medium for exchanging these purses for cash, more so than a garage sale or consignment shop, since your purse has more value on Ebay, and will be seen by thousands of possible buyers. The trick is, knowing what will sell and how to sell it for the best price, for you and the consumer.

Before you decide to sell your cherished distressed leather patchwork clutch or your sleek Kate Spade microfiber tote, take a browse or two around Ebay’s handbag selection to see what is being listing and at what price. This will give you an idea of what to expect for the items you own. Handbags that are popular and get the best price are used Kate Spade, Coach, Vera Bradley, and Dooney and Burke handbags. Super chic designers such as Ballenciaga, Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Anya Hindmarch are top sellers and will always bring in top dollar. However, be aware that handbag knockoffs are abundant. A low starting price, such as $10 for a Hermes Birkin bag, is usually a tip off that the product is not genuine. If yours is a genuine label, make sure to start your bidding price at a reasonable and fair number, and always tell your customers in the text that the item is genuine and guaranteed authentic. Telling the bidder where the item was originally purchased, such as Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus, will also help give you credibility, as well as target more search hits. If you’re worried that you won’t get a good amount for your precious Prada backpack that you spent a good paycheck on, then make sure to list the item with a reserve price. This reserve price, set by you, will ensure that you will get the amount you want, or you will keep it, to sell it again later, or to enjoy.

Photos are critical. Without a good photo, it is likely the bag will not sell, or will not sell at a good price. Browsers like to see exactly what they are getting, from a variety of angles. Pay the extra 25 cents for a gallery fee so that browsers can see your snapshot photo as they scroll through the thousands of handbag listings. Without this gallery photo, your bag will likely be skipped over by hundreds of browsers. Also, pay the extra 15 cents for an additional photo in order to show the various angles of the purse. Browsers will want to see the label up close, to determine its authenticity. Browsers will want to see the inside of the bag, any closures like zippers or buttons, and any flaws like scratches in the leather which must be disclosed in the text.

Calculate your shipping costs prior to listing. If you want to keep your shipping figure low, then add a little to your listing price. Handbags will require a larger box to ship in, adding to the weight and cost of the shipping. A visit to your local post office or their Web site to determine costs prior to listing will only benefit you and the customer down the road. Packaging the bag well, wrapped in tissue paper or even gift wrap for a nice touch, will please your buyer.

Whether you’re a gal from Sex and the City, or a normal chick like the rest of us, unloading your no-longer-carried handbags on eBay is a satisfying and lucrative experience. The money gained from your sales can provide you new handbags for the new season and new trends!