Nothing Says I Love You Quite Like a Birkin Handbag

A Birkin handbag – the ultimate ‘it’ bag since Hermes introduced it in 1984 – starts at around 5,000 and, depending on what kind of hide it’s made from, can cost as much as £75,000. But even if you can afford one you have to go onto Hermes’ famous years-long waiting list. Hermes insists that it only produces about 100 Birkins a year. In which case, says Michael Tonello, in 2005, “I bought the entire annual production and then some!”

Tonello is an American beautician who moved to Barcelona a few years ago and stumbled into a lucrative career as a Hermès reseller – or, as he puts it in his memoir Bringing Home the Birkin, a “leather liaison”. He bought new Birkins at retail price then bunged them on eBay, where they were snapped up immediately, despite a substantial markup.

How did he do it? Apparently, by maximising the potential of an unholy amount of personal charm. The Formula, as he called it, involved travelling through Europe, Asia and South America, stopping at Hermès boutiques looking like money, pouring on said charm and absolutely not asking for a Birkin outright. Instead, he would spend a couple of thousand on other items (also destined for eBay) and then casually ask whether the store might happen to have a Birkin that he could buy – usually “for my mother.”

Shop assistants would invariably find one in the storeroom and sell it to him. The only place the Formula failed was the US, and then only because the initial spend had to be way over $2,000 before the Birkin appeared, but in one yea, Tonello managed to bag $1.6 million in bags and other Hermès items and flogged the lot to his Internet clientele. At one point he refers to selling a $22,000 bag for a $5,000 profit.

So you see, it can be done. Tonello retired, although Hermès sources claim they shut him down, but trust me: at this moment someone, somewhere, has spotted a niche market and a price-value gap, and is working their way steadily towards a future spent drinking brightly coloured cocktails on a tropical beach. So give it some thought… it could be you!

Hermes in Greek Mythology and Hermes Handbags

Hermes, the son of Zeus and Maea, is a elohim of Courier, herding, business, pilferage, transportation, traveling, sports and motion.

Born in a cave located in Cyliene of Arcadia, Hermes climbed out of the cradle and stole 50 nandies of Apollo soon after he was born. He was so smart. In order to hide the trace of the 50 nandies, he tied up some branches and leaves on his and the Nandies’ feet and drove the nandies moving backwards. Later, he baked two most fertile Nandies and then divided them into 13 pieces. Leaving one piece to himself, he devoted the other 12 pieces to the twelve Olympians in Olympus. So since long before, Hermes became the god which many thieves adored. When he came back to the cave, he killed one big tortoise, and made a Tres with the turtle shell. Afterwards, he sent this Tres to Apollo for the compensation for the 50 Nandies.

Hermes represents for the energetic youth, with Petasus on his head, chlamys on his body, Kerykeion in his hand, coin bags on his waist and pteroeis pedila on his feet. He is the most honest Messenger of Zeus. He helps Zeus to send out messages and finish the tasks which Zeus assigned. Hermes is not only quick off the mark, but also versatile. He invented letters, astronomy and Mathematics. Besides of Tres, he also designed piccolo.

In Rome, Hermes is called Mercurius.

The Greek Mythology shows the wisdom of Greeks. I read the mythology for twice, but I can’t remember all of the names inside the book. But the story of them left me deeper impression. Hermes is one of the figures which I forgot. I found him from the famous brand Hermes in Paris. No matter if it is Hermes in Greek Mythology or Hermes of Hermes Group, both are heck of a good catch.

Hermes handbags have been one of The Ultimate Luxury Products in the world. Many of their bags, especially Birkin bags, are pursued by many famous characters. They are fond of collecting Birkin bags and make this as the symbol of their identity and status. Be famous of pure hand-built, Hermes Bags needs a long time to finish. An entire bag was totally made by one worker. It would cost at least 3 months to finish. So, no matter from the material, workmanship, or the time, it meant Hermes will not be a common brand.

Bags in different styles and different colors are in different leathers. The leathers which Hermes adopted include sheepskin, ostrich skin, lizard skin, and crocodile. The same kind of leathers also include the leathers from different parts of the animal, so it is really worth learning in maintaining the bags. Next time, I will share some knowledge about how to maintain the bags in different material.