Are Hermes Handbags Fit For Interns to Take to Go to Work?

Recently, a topic about how to dress oneself as an intern when going to work was quite hot on the internet. The topic was from such a matter that one intern took an Hermes Birkin bag to go to work.

Someone thought it is totally wrong to take such expensive handbag to go to work, because it may upset your leaders or boss. Some others thought it is OK to take Hermes Birkin to go to work, because this is belonging to their own choice and freedom. In my opinion, I think the intern taking an Hermes Birkin bag to go to work does not want to display her strength to her leaders or boss, but just wants to promote herself confidence. As we all know, as an almighty bag, Hermes Birkin can match all most all of the clothes. Wearing one suit and matching one Hermes Birkin, no matter from temperament or the overall mix, you will look great. As a white collar for several years, my greatest feeling is that confidence is so important to such graduates. When we are in school, we learnt something from books, less experience in practice. So when we step into society, it is hard to avoid meeting some problems. At this moment, do not fear, just be confident, nothing will not be solved.

I remember that five years ago, when I started my first job, I thought dressing is not so important. So everyday I did not dress myself well up. Oppositely, a colleague of mine paid more attention to this point. Everyday she dressed herself beautiful and graceful. When our customers visited our company, we as sales need to receive them and lead them to have a look at our products and factories. I found that our customers would like to talk more with my colleague but not me. I felt quite surprised at that moment. In fact, I was more familiar with the products and factories than my colleague. Gradually, I felt I was not confident enough because my performance did not accepted by others. Why it happened? Until one day a customer of mine told me that I did not pay attention to my dressing which gave not so good impressions to customers that I found my ideas before were so wrong. Dressing becomingly is not only a respect to customers but also can promote confidence. As we all know, confidence is so important during work and life. It is a way passing to success. Only if you are confident, you can open you mind widely and have more new ideas. If you are such a person who can afford to buy handbags such as Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly, Hermes Lindy, don`t be afraid, just take them to go to work. It of course will take you more benefit. Just as one famous saying goes: Follow your own course, and let people talk!

Hermes: Fashion in Watches and Bags Forever

As a famous harness producer, Hermes meets success in the wide production lines of cases, handbags; garment, watches, silk scarf, and perfume and house hold items. Today we¡¯d like to inform you of its famous watches, Birkin bags and latest bag designs.

Hermes elaborate watches

Early in 1912, Jacqueline, the daughter of Emile Hermes just wore the leather watch in her photo. Such porte oignon watch indicated that Hermes had applied elaborate leather manufacturing skill for the watch items. In 1975, the wrist watch of Kelly came to the market with creative innovation from handbag. Since then, endless watch series of masterpieces have been provided to fashion world. From Arceau to Dressage, from Clipper to Cape Cod, from Harnais to H-our, these touching series of watches illustrate wonderful leather processing technology and elegant spirit of Hermes brand.

Hermes Birkin: casual and free style

Hermes Birkin handbag was from the inspiration design by a journey between Hermes fifth board director and a French star Jane Birkin. With the deepening design for Kelly handbag, Birkin handbag removes the covering structure, so it is suitable for flight journey or business trip. Its style would be leisure and free. The selection of material and color is also more casual than Kelly bags.

Hermes Birkin would be the apple in stylish women’s eyes. As the most popular handbag in hot sale, Hermes Birkin symbolizes the pure natural and sexy sense. Besides, it would be superb handbag design without any flaw when compared with Kelly bag. The bag is opening all the time even if the items inside may fall from the bag. Birkin women may not care it any more. When Birkin bag remain, they could be attractive idols forever.

Latest Hermes bags: Keep creating

When leading the fashion market, Hermes products should focus on creating. Here we may witness the latest items for autumn and winter 2010. Luxury design with illustration in details may get preference from Hermes fans if there is any assortment in shining color.

In addition, the soft feeling of Sikkim cowhide leather may be full of leisure and comfortable sense with cute handle design.

Where Can I Buy a Birkin Handbag?

Hermès handbags have been on the wanted list of many individuals who desire the best in quality and craftsmanship. Perhaps none more than the famous Hermes Birkin Handbag named after the famous actress Jane Birkin who posed nude alongside Brigitte Bardot in the late 60’s. The Hermes brand name and especially the birkin bag is one of the few that holds their value and even increases in value as an investment vehicle. Finding a place to buy a Birkin Handbag can be almost impossible.

Hermès Birkin handbags are hand-crafted by experienced craftsmen, taking up to 48 hours to manufacture. Most Hermes boutiques have a waiting list that can have a wait of up to two years to get a Birkin bag. The boutiques never know when a new shipment of Birkin Handbags will be delivered or how many they may get in which creates the exclusivity and shortage. Therefore, it can be difficult to buy a Birkin Handbag for lack of finding one to buy.

The inside lining of a Hermes Birkin Handbag is usually made with goat skin with an exterior matching color. The exterior leather is chosen from crocodile, goat, ostrich and calf hide and is processed using the finest methods available today. These skins have an extremely soft look and feel which sets them apart form many of the fake look alike handbags. Make sure you know your bag before you buy a Birkin Handbag you do not want to get ripped off. Perhaps the most expensive Birkin Handbag are the ones made out of saltwater crocodile leather with the smaller scales.

Even though there are a few people fortunate enough to be able to special order a Birkin Handbag expect a good one to two year wait if you get it at all. So where do you go to buy a Birkin Handbag? Well, you might try a friend you know has one and see if they will sell it to you. Good luck with that! You could fly over to Paris and try a Hermes Boutique but there are no guarantees with that either. Or you could hop over to an auction and see what is being auctioned off at the moment. Just be careful to make sure that you buy an authentic Birkin Handbag and not a knock-off. Unless of course you want to save a bunch of cash and pick up a look alike.

The exterior of the bag can be made of a variety of leathers. One of the most expensive variations of the bag is made of saltwater crocodile skin. The price of these bags depends on the size of the scales. Bags with smaller scales cost much more than those with larger scales.

Typically, a Birkin bag’s lining is made of goat skin and its color will match the bag’s exterior color. The bags can also be special-ordered from custom leathers and colors, but order privileges are granted only to certain established Hermès clients, and again, on an unpredictable basis. Orders are reportedly submitted to Paris twice a year, with “special-order” bags coming back anywhere from a year to 2 years later.

The metallic hardware on a Birkin bag (the lock, keys, buckle hardware and feet studs) are typically plated with gold or other precious metals, such palladium, which, unlike silver, will not tarnish. The metal lock may be covered with leather as an option when custom ordering. Some clients have paved buckle hardware with diamonds, notoriously resulting in one black crocodile skin Birkin which notably sold for close to $65,000 at auction in 2005.

Birkin lock keys are enclosed in a type of leather lanyard known as a “clochette” which is typically, but not necessarily, carried by looping it through one of a Birkin’s handles. The Birkin bag may be locked by closing the bag’s top flaps over all buckle loops, wrapping the buckle straps, and closing the lock on the front hardware.


Because of the high profile of the Hermès brand and the high prices attached to their products, there is a significant amount of counterfeit Hermès merchandise produced and sold, some of which ends up on online retail and auction websites such as eBay.

Authenticity can sometimes be determined by the presence of these characteristics:

  • Appropriate pricing – a Birkin in any vendable condition will never sell for less than 50% of its original value.
  • Even stitching
  • Gilt or blind stamped in the front face under the tap: “Hermès Paris, Made in France”
  • Craftsman’s marks and letter year of manufacture stamped in a square underside of right belt. The year of manufacture should be consistent with condition and history of bag
  • Interior leather zipper tag parallel with zipper hardware, not perpendicular
  • Feel of superior leather. The touch and weight of fine leather are not easily duplicated.

It is OK to buy a designer bag via eBay or other online services you just need to be careful that it is an authentic Birkin bag.