Hermes Kelly and Prada Handbags Are Ideal Choice For High-class People

Handbags are cone possession that females hold very close to their heart. Every female has the liking for handbags in their unique style, and each style has a different fashion statement to say. The most famous handbags around the globe are the Hermes Birkin handbags. The reason for this being the extraordinary and expensive materials used along with magnanimous artisanship. The Kelly bag came to existence in the early part of 1930s and was soon able to have a positive impact on the market. The Hermes Birkin was very soon dream of the women. Birkin bags generally cost around $6000 to $50000 with the waiting time for a special Birkin catching to almost six years. However, fashionable women are always ready to pay extravagant amounts of money for designer handbags just to make a statement on their choices and lifestyle, keep aside the look of these handbags. Victoria Beckham is also addicted to Hermes Kelly and in fact, she was spotted carrying a Hermes Kelly Longue in gold swift leather. Victoria’s Hermes handbags collection seems to be too much. The Kelly Longue was designed with the help of Hermes Kelly just a couple of seasons back. The bag is very rare and is a bit longer than the Kelly Pochette. The handbag is really classic and expensive as well.

Recently it has been observed that more and more Prada handbags are winning hearts of people and these are not nylon bags. They are like runaway bags and have large studs and prints. A black Prada Stripe Hobo looks astonishingly beautiful. Although it is black but the purple hues catch the eyes almost instantly. You can buy a small Hobo from Saks for $1495 and a medium Hobo for $2050. Prada Fairy bag has a long wait list. Now Prada is trying to make it even bigger with the multicolor vibrant bags. So Prada is really making a grand comeback this spring and summer season with the Prada Trembled Blossoms bag as an integral part of it with its price being stunning $1,675. With a variety of colors options introduced like turquotoise-violetand yellow black, Prada is really expected to make it big this time around as well. In Milan this September, the runaway show by Prada was a real Buzz. The handbag that had the forum buzzing was the Prada Fairy bag. The Prada fairies bag is available in only two sizes and it was announced that there would be limited edition for the same. The smaller size would be available for $2290 and the larger size would be available for $2490. The Prada bag is really absorbing and majestic. The deerskin leather that it is made of has a slight sparkle to it.

Now with the range available you can buy you Prada handbags from You can also buy the Hermes Kelly for yourself from Once you visit these sites, you can make your choice from designs available, and once you get the feel of the product, you would always keep money aside to get the feel again.

Bag That Coveted Designer Handbag!

The Bible says that you should not covet your neighbor’s wife. However, there is nothing in the world that says you cannot covet your neighbor’s wife’s buttery-soft designer handbag! God must have foreseen that handbags will become the next apple and took pity on womankind. (Unfortunately, not on mankind because they never could understand the fuss about expensive bags yet they have to foot the bill more times than they care to)

For womankind, this is fortunate as the allure of top-of-the-line handbags borders on mortally sinful proportions, with celebrities like Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham going gaga and spending thousands on Balenciaga and Hermes Birkin bags, respectively. And of course, fashion-forward woman that you are, you simply have to lay your French-manicured hands on the latest designer handbag and parade it around town on your spray-tanned arm. Wouldn’t every woman and gay man in your clique be envious of you?

Fool and Fake Goes Hand in Hand

In your desire to be the subject of envy, you can be made a fool with a fake designer handbag. Indeed, it is the axiom of all things designer – for every genuine article, there is a replica item. There goes your hard-earned money and your self-respect, not to mention the envious ohs and ahs!

Other than actually purchasing from the designer store itself, you can look for these signs when you next purchase a designer handbag to determine if it is the genuine article or a fake item:

* Authentic designer handbags have control cards and authenticity certification, the digits of which should match the numbers printed on the lining.
* Genuine designer handbags have the hallmarks of meticulous attention to the smallest details. You should check for uneven stitching, hanging threads, frayed corners, zipper kinks, strap malfunctions, and mismatched zipper to thread to handbag color scheme. If you see any of these signs, there is increased probability that it is a fake.
* High-quality, buttery-soft leather and suede are the main materials of true-blue designer handbags. You need to look out for very smooth, very shiny, and very plastic-looking leather because that is a sure sign that the bag is a fake.
* Most bona fide designer handbags never let the lettering of the logo run into the seam lines and never have spelling mistakes. Watch out for bad translations!
* With perfectionism comes a high standard that must be followed on each and every designer handbag that comes out of the factory. Thus, every handbag will have the same number of stitches and stitch length, the same color and dimensions, the same logo and patterns. But not to fret. Designer handbags are usually in limited editions so you know that you will not see the same handbag on every Tom, Dick and Harry’s wife and sister.

When you have determined that the bag is the real McCoy and shelled out your disposable income on your most coveted designer handbag, it behooves you to take care of it in every way possible. Of course, this does not mean putting it on a pedestal since you have to parade it around town and carry your stuff in, but it does deserve a place of honor in your closet!

To Cherish and To Hold

Your designer handbag should be accorded proper respect due to a beautifully expensive item. You have to cherish it like you would treasure your Manolo Blahnik three-inch shoes and Yves Saint Lauren vintage dresses. After purchasing your handbag, immediately apply a leather protector to protect it against stains. This will allow you to easily remove stains that might set in otherwise.

No matter what you do with your handbag and what stuff you put in it, be very sure not to let runny makeup, liquid food and other oil-based products come into direct contact with it. If stains do appear, you will ruin a perfect bag when you apply corrosive cleaning products that contain chemicals and detergents. You better take it to professional cleaning experts if you want your handbag to return looking as fabulous as the first day you cradled it in your arms.

If your problem is laying your hands on the money to afford your dream designer bag (or designer bags, for that matter), isn’t that what your work and your man are for? Employ all the feminine will and wiles in your power and you will not covet your neighbor’s wife’s designer handbags any longer!

Handbag Heaven

If you’re anything like the girls on Sex and the City, you probably have a handbag suitable for every outfit. Even if you’re not Carrie Bradshaw, most women do own a variety of purses for the changing seasons of the year, and changing trends. Chances are, purses are stored in closets, in dresser drawers, and even underneath beds. And many of these handbags probably have seen the light of day in years. eBay is the perfect medium for exchanging these purses for cash, more so than a garage sale or consignment shop, since your purse has more value on Ebay, and will be seen by thousands of possible buyers. The trick is, knowing what will sell and how to sell it for the best price, for you and the consumer.

Before you decide to sell your cherished distressed leather patchwork clutch or your sleek Kate Spade microfiber tote, take a browse or two around Ebay’s handbag selection to see what is being listing and at what price. This will give you an idea of what to expect for the items you own. Handbags that are popular and get the best price are used Kate Spade, Coach, Vera Bradley, and Dooney and Burke handbags. Super chic designers such as Ballenciaga, Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Anya Hindmarch are top sellers and will always bring in top dollar. However, be aware that handbag knockoffs are abundant. A low starting price, such as $10 for a Hermes Birkin bag, is usually a tip off that the product is not genuine. If yours is a genuine label, make sure to start your bidding price at a reasonable and fair number, and always tell your customers in the text that the item is genuine and guaranteed authentic. Telling the bidder where the item was originally purchased, such as Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus, will also help give you credibility, as well as target more search hits. If you’re worried that you won’t get a good amount for your precious Prada backpack that you spent a good paycheck on, then make sure to list the item with a reserve price. This reserve price, set by you, will ensure that you will get the amount you want, or you will keep it, to sell it again later, or to enjoy.

Photos are critical. Without a good photo, it is likely the bag will not sell, or will not sell at a good price. Browsers like to see exactly what they are getting, from a variety of angles. Pay the extra 25 cents for a gallery fee so that browsers can see your snapshot photo as they scroll through the thousands of handbag listings. Without this gallery photo, your bag will likely be skipped over by hundreds of browsers. Also, pay the extra 15 cents for an additional photo in order to show the various angles of the purse. Browsers will want to see the label up close, to determine its authenticity. Browsers will want to see the inside of the bag, any closures like zippers or buttons, and any flaws like scratches in the leather which must be disclosed in the text.

Calculate your shipping costs prior to listing. If you want to keep your shipping figure low, then add a little to your listing price. Handbags will require a larger box to ship in, adding to the weight and cost of the shipping. A visit to your local post office or their Web site to determine costs prior to listing will only benefit you and the customer down the road. Packaging the bag well, wrapped in tissue paper or even gift wrap for a nice touch, will please your buyer.

Whether you’re a gal from Sex and the City, or a normal chick like the rest of us, unloading your no-longer-carried handbags on eBay is a satisfying and lucrative experience. The money gained from your sales can provide you new handbags for the new season and new trends!